Golden Luminaire + 1.51ct F VVS2 Round Lab Created Diamond

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Introducing the "Golden Luminaire" 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring, a radiant masterpiece that exudes classic beauty and a touch of modern luxury. This elegant ring, weighing a delicate 2 grams, features a brilliant 1-carat solitaire diamond at its heart, capturing the essence of timeless charm and love.

The band of the "Golden Luminaire" ring is adorned with 29 lab-grown diamonds, collectively totaling 0.32 carats, each showcasing the exceptional G color and VVS clarity. These diamonds come together to create a captivating ensemble, enhancing the brilliance and allure of the ring with their dazzling sparkle.

Crafted in the warm glow of 18K yellow gold, the "Golden Luminaire" ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of enduring love, surrounded by the luminous presence of diamonds that glisten like the sun's golden rays. Whether chosen as an engagement ring or as an expression of your unique style, the "Golden Luminaire" Diamond Ring is a name that embodies the timeless beauty of your love.

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Product Details
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